Newcastle Mural Advertisement on 6th Ave

Faded Beer Mural on 6thMural advertisements seem to be popping up on several old downtown San Diego buildings.  So far, most of the ones I’ve seen have been relatively attractive.  Newcastle mural at nightI posted an Alaska Airlines mural from Market St. in August.  That mural has already been replaced by a much less attractive Jack Daniels whiskey mural.  However, this beer mural on 6th is unique, and in my humble opinion, quite attractive.  It is faux faded to look retro and actually advertises “Old Faded Walls” by Newcastle Ale ?

Jack Daniels mural

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  1. Not a HUGE fan, in that did we need more advertising? No. But it was tastefully done so my objection is with a tiny ‘o’. And I really like Newcastle, so that should put the whole thing into perspective.

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