Four aesthetic reasons to landscape with native plants

The justifications for the use of native plants in landscapes usually center on environmental reasons. The reasons run the gamut[Read More…]

California lawmakers seek local oversight of downtown planning

California lawmakers have approved a bill that establishes oversight of elected officials over planning decisions of development corporations, such as that in downtown San Diego.

The Missing Link to Unsprawling: Bipedal Shortcuts

Wheels are vastly different than legs.  Give wheels smooth, wide, straight, and solid turf, and they can reach speeds not[Read More…]

Zoning for Trader Joe’s – is there a better way?

Trade Joe’s stores are so popular that zoning laws are drafted to accommodate them while keeping out competitors, and communities[Read More…]

Are the NFL Chargers causing the NCAA Aztecs to lose?

Are the San Diego National Football League (NFL) Chargers causing the San Diego State University Aztecs football team to lose[Read More…]

What is San Diego’s identity?

While in Paris, Landscape architect David McCullough pondered San Diego’s identity. He offers an opinion.

Demo for Parking – They’re at it Again in Downtown San Diego!

Despite community plan policies disfavoring surface parking and encouraging the retention of fine grain development, the adaptive reuse of existing structures, and encouraging walking, biking,[Read More…]

How to fix California’s Housing Affordability Crisis

As the economy improves, California’s affordable housing crisis is worsening. The average rent in California ($1,240) is almost fifty percent[Read More…]

What is a safe distance to live or work near high auto emission roads?

People who live and work within a certain proximity to major roadways have higher illness and mortality rates. Is it time to create quarantine buffer zones around highways? If so, what is the safe distance?

How Communities can Benefit from Private Development in California

There is a building boom across California, but many communities have been historically left behind. Property tax increment has served[Read More…]

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