Is San Diego’s Horton Plaza Park Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square 2.0?

Downtown San Diego’s Horton Plaza Park expansion opened last week . . . more or less.  Construction is not quite[Read More…]

Parking Management: San Diego Style (Part Two)

San Francisco has 23,000 metered parking spaces and sets prices using complex “demand-responsive rate adjustments.”  Around SF City Hall, for[Read More…]

Is Indianapolis a good comparison for a San Diego Charger downtown stadium?

On the subject of a potential downtown San Diego East Village NFL stadium, some proponents have asserted that Indianapolis’s downtown Lucas[Read More…]

North Park Community Plan Update – We Can Do Better by Working Together

By Howard Blackson and Don Leichtling – North Park is one of San Diego’s finest communities. It has many distinctive[Read More…]

Why climate change action cannot succeed without social equity

Over 120 cities and counties in California have a climate action plan either completed or in the pipeline.  As cities[Read More…]

Its not Smart Growth… It’s Called Avoiding a Housing Crisis

California’s Bay Area housing disaster tells Southern Californians that our housing crisis will only get worse and doing nothing is[Read More…]

Non-stadium alternative vision for East Village San Diego + community workshop

A group of San Diego East Village (downtown) stakeholders, academics, and design professionals, including yours truly, have released a “white[Read More…]

Downtown San Diego Mobility Plan – Vision for the Future or A Well Intentioned Waste of Money?

Like most plans for public spaces San Diego’s Downtown Draft Mobility Plan is full of generalities posing as specific solutions. Complete Streets is a great concept, but its application needs to be carefully cultivated based on the needs and long term use of the block on which it is being installed.

Downtown San Diego Mobility Plan — Draft Released

Civic San Diego has released a draft of the long awaited Downtown San Diego Mobility Plan.  It proposes significant changes[Read More…]

A beach, burb, and billionaire “Citizens’ Plan” for San Diego’s urban neighborhoods

They’re calling it the “Citizens’ Plan” initiative. Like all such initiatives, the name is misleading. Said citizens are an alliance[Read More…]

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