California lawmakers seek local oversight of downtown planning

California lawmakers have approved a bill that establishes oversight of elected officials over planning decisions of development corporations, such as that in downtown San Diego.

How Communities can Benefit from Private Development in California

There is a building boom across California, but many communities have been historically left behind. Property tax increment has served[Read More…]

Downtown San Diego by Bike – changes coming

With vibrant neighborhoods, gentle terrain, the Big Bay and year round sunshine, Downtown San Diego figures to be on every[Read More…]

Five reasons losing an NFL football team is good for a city

My family will attest, I’m a San Diego Chargers football fan. During football season, not only is the TV tuned[Read More…]

I’m a PlaceMaker. . .

When asked about what I do for a living by new friends and neighbors, I usually start with “urban designer,”[Read More…]

6 Common Mistakes Made By Cities and Towns in Urban Renewal.

For the last half century, cities have attempted to repair the damage to their urban cores from migration to suburbs[Read More…]

Who Hijacked La Mesa’s Trees?

The City of La Mesa has cut down all the shade trees along its commercial mainstreet. This occurred as construction[Read More…]

Beware of Wall Street Schemes on Redevelopment

With the demise of redevelopment in California, some cities are looking for creative ways to stay solvent. One idea is[Read More…]

One Block at a Time…

In an era of austerity when our bridges are falling, levees failing, and streets crumbling, cities are coming to the[Read More…]

TR Produce Creative Space Proposal Another Example of City Council’s Folly in Approving Demolition of Other Creative Space.

The long vacant ground floor of the TR Produce Building (888 J Street) may finally receive an occupant under a[Read More…]

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