Parking Management: San Diego Style (Part Two)

San Francisco has 23,000 metered parking spaces and sets prices using complex “demand-responsive rate adjustments.”  Around SF City Hall, for[Read More…]

Demo for Parking – They’re at it Again in Downtown San Diego!

Despite community plan policies disfavoring surface parking and encouraging the retention of fine grain development, the adaptive reuse of existing structures, and encouraging walking, biking,[Read More…]

Parking lot no more at Fifth & J in the Gaslamp Quarter?

An invitation was emailed last week for a ground breaking ceremony to be held on Wednesday Oct. 8, at 10:00[Read More…]

Demolition of Historic Building for Parking Lot Continues

San Diego, 741 F Street, demolition continues on this historic warehouse to make room for surface parking.

San Diego’s Parking Lot Blight; Requiem for Redevelopment

An ugly side of redevelopment (RIP), a side rarely mentioned in all the self-laudatory hype, is the demolition.  Too often[Read More…]

Demolition and Paving Downtown for Surface Parking Continues

San Diego – “They took all the trees And put them in a tree museum And they charged all the[Read More…]

Part II – The invisible city: re-imagining Paradise

San Diego – This week, Pauly de Bartolo and Ivan Rimanic, founding principals of de Bartolo + Rimanic Design Studio,[Read More…]

“Nobody Goes There Anymore, Its’ Too Crowded” – Yogi Berra

As humans we are always quick to rationalize or dismiss things that we no longer value. After all, the world[Read More…]

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