Artful Utilities

Gas #1

Interesting gas, fire, and water utility forms encountered walking from B St. to the Imperial Ave Trolley Station in downtown[Read More...]

San Diego’s Parking Lot Blight; Requiem for Redevelopment

741 F St San Diego - former International Male HQ

An ugly side of redevelopment (RIP), a side rarely mentioned in all the self-laudatory hype, is the demolition.  Too often[Read More...]

Make your UrbDeZine article more visible in Google with images

Class One Streetcars

I had lunch the other day with blogging and business development guru Chris Lema.  Among the excellent tidbits of information I[Read More...]

California Preservation: Mills Act Under Attack?


California State Assemblyman Ben Hueso has introduced Assembly Bill 654 to allow cities to charge higher fees for historic property[Read More...]