Three Reasons Neighborhood Identity is Paramount in Smart Growth

In this age of planning emphasis on “smart growth,” “new urbanism,” “transit oriented development,” “infill development” and so on, density[Read More…]

Why Downtown San Diego Pedestrians Stop for Cars More Than Any Other City and What to do About it.

San Diego’s downtown street grid and its small blocks make continuous walking difficult, especially for people trying to go in[Read More…]

San Diego’s first annual CicloSDias event experienced good turnout, good weather, and good vibes.

Sunday, August 11, 2013 was San Diego’s first Ciclovia inspired event named CicloSDias.

One Simple Step to Suburban Street Slimming: Give it Away!

For much of the last century, urban planning involved ever wider streets, both for major thoroughfares and for residential side[Read More…]

San Diego’s Parking Lot Blight; Requiem for Redevelopment

An ugly side of redevelopment (RIP), a side rarely mentioned in all the self-laudatory hype, is the demolition.  Too often[Read More…]

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