Zoning for Trader Joe’s – is there a better way?

Trade Joe’s stores are so popular that zoning laws are drafted to accommodate them while keeping out competitors, and communities[Read More…]

In Defense of Uncertainty

Nobody likes uncertainty. Certainly not the developers of a billion dollar mixed-use project that encounters community opposition due to traffic[Read More…]

The Value of Planning in the Age of Economics.

A city makes many investments, such as infrastructure improvements, life and safety services, and in their employees. To fund such,[Read More…]

Who Really Deposed San Diego’s Mayor and Nullified the 2012 Election?

By now, most of the nation is aware of San Diego’s mayoral scandal, which was reported in such national media[Read More…]

One Simple Step to Suburban Street Slimming: Give it Away!

For much of the last century, urban planning involved ever wider streets, both for major thoroughfares and for residential side[Read More…]

San Diego County General Plan Revision approved

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved its revised General Plan last Wednesday with a 4-1 vote, it was[Read More…]

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